Inspired to Set Up the Station

A friend instant messaged me the other night and told me that he had his new Yaesu FT-450 connected using Ham Radio Deluxe software. He then connected it to the internet. We tried to make connection, but could not make it work. Perhaps my friend had not opened the appropriate port on his router? Either way it inspired me to set up my station at work, a television transmitter site.

Today I installed a coax feed from the radio to outside and hung half of a dipole antenna. It may act very much like a G5RV? I went to a sporting goods store and purchased a new band for my slingshot. Then, next time I am at work I will finish the installation of the antenna.

I also ordered the Icom level converter interface from our local ham store. Once the antenna is up I can test it when I am at work. However I will not be able to use it remotely until the converter is installed. At that point I am hoping to be able to operate from here at home in our apartment. If it all works I will be prepared the next time the solar flux hits 150.


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Amateur Radio operator, television broadcast engineer living in Minnesota.
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