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I wish I had started this a year ago. It was a year ago that I was presented with an employee Goal Setting and Performance Feedback form. We were required to set 3 business goals and 3 developmental goals. I have this years form in front of me now.

I have to admit that given the amount of time I had to ponder what I might write and have it look well thought out that I did a fairly good job. On number 1 under developmental goals I wrote: Continue to learn Linux/Unix and add other OS’s. I think I had just found and downloaded a live CD of one of the many Linux distributions available. Today I am writing this on my home computer that has Ubuntu 7.10 as my main OS.

I hate to admit this, but before really looking at the different distributions we selected one based on a game. I was looking for another Mahjongg game. I needed one that had good graphics and ran smoothly. The other one that was in use did not pass in either of those categories. So we loaded up Ubuntu 6.06 and began learning. My current plan for this blog is to take a look at the last year’s learning and continue from there.

So what should I write on this year’s form? I am a television broadcast engineer and I had thought about putting something down about taking a professional exam for television with the Society of Broadcast Engineers. I think at this point an A+ computer certification might be more useful. TV transmitters used to be fed with real video and audio, but all that ends a year from now with the demise of analog television. Now, with digital television, we input an ASI data stream and if something goes wrong we reboot it or hook a computer to it and reconfigure it. Yes I still need to know tube theory, but that is becoming a smaller and smaller part of broadcasting.


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Amateur Radio operator, television broadcast engineer living in Minnesota.
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