New Antennas Added

I realized the other day that an update is overdue.

The desk now has a TS-590s and TT Eagle with a few various keys. The Czech key is still my favorite.

There is now an interface box for feed lines mounted on the outside of the house, only one empty slot remains. Antennas include a G5RV and 20 meter folded dipole, both at about 40 ft. The tall trees in the back yard are nice and tall. They are also a challenge since there are 13 of them in a very small space. There is also a 4BTV on the roof, but it may get moved if the shielded speaker wire does not help with RF in the TV audio system. Other antennas include a 2/440 vertical, 6 meter horizontal loop and a 220 yagi. Still to add is a two meter yagi for CW.

It is all still very much a work in progress. Pictures are at


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