Fixing Equipment

Well I have begun to get equipment running again. Today I tackled the hand helds. I have two each HTX-202’s and HTX-404’s. One of the two meter HT’s belonged to my father. All of them had dead internal batteries. I remember years ago hearing that you really could not change the batteries as it did not always work properly. A forum post on line convinced me otherwise.

So I bought the batteries. I had to order the CR2032’s with tabs so that they could be soldered in. However the tabs would not take solder. So I had to file them down. I mounted the ground side to one of the screws that holds down the speaker. It also contacts the ground shield. After filing the positive lead soldered without problem. I had to reset each radio and then on the two meter radios change the frequency stepping from 15 kHz to 5 kHz. All the radios work fine. At this point I may ebay them as I just do not use HT’s that often.

The next step will be to install a new battery in the PK-88. I really liked packet, but I may ebay this as well.

I did discover a new problem with the Kenwood TS-140s. The RF out control is all or nothing, mostly nothing. I used to adjust it quite a bit so that I could get QRP levels out of the rig. It was not easy, but I managed to get it pretty close to five watts on CW. Phone was not possible to reliably get that low power level. So I guess I wore out the control. Then I discovered that my power meter is bad. Turns out the control is just flaky. The radio will still transmit at full power with out problem. I will probably send the radio in as there is one relay that controls 160 meter and AM broadcast sensitivity that does not switch all the time. Then I may ebay it as well.

Not sure what I will do with the PK-232, but it needs a battery as well, but until I find my Packet Gold software I would have to learn how to use the device manually.

Then there is the Argonaut 515. It needs a new string and feet. I have no idea what my Dad did with the feet? All I know is that there aren’t any. It was hardly used. I still regret selling my 509 so I will probably keep the 515.

What do I plan to do with any money I may get from what I sell? Well probably get a new HF rig. I have not done any shopping around yet at all, but I do plan to look at the Argonaut V from Ten-Tec. Guess I just like QRP with a professionally built and tuned transceiver.



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