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I really wish that I could have bought a computer with Linux installed rather than Windows. Another option would have been to buy one with both XP and Linux installed. That is what I end up doing anyway.

I had been watching the Dell web site for some time. I would go and check out the machines with Ubuntu pre-installed. Then I would go and look at the main computers they offer. I wanted a computer that would be current enough that it would be good for several years. I wanted something that could play World of Warcraft with all the video settings maxed out for some time to come. Unfortunately the Linux preloaded machines were not the latest, nor did they have many options. I do have to use XP for work some and I have been lazy about moving my WOW playing into WINE.

So I started looking at the XPS computers. They are a little pricey, but since I had been looking at iMacs they were not that bad. Then one day I had the idea to check out the Inspirons. My laptop is an Inspiron 6000 and it has been pretty good. So I started looking at what an Ispiron 530 would cost maxed out the way I would want it. I found that I could get everything I wanted. Also I would not have to buy items I did not want that the XPS machines would have forced me to take. All of it would cost considerably less.

Then Dell had a one day sale. $300 off what I had already decided to buy. On top of that I had the choice to buy XP. I have not wanted Vista. It is sitting here under the desk. I am still using the Dell 2400 my father bought a few years ago. I have not had the time to get moved over yet. I do have World of Warcraft on the machine and it does play well with all the video settings maxed out! Very Nice!

Basically it is a core 2-quad with 4 gigs of ram, CD/DVD burner, card reader and a 500 gig hard drive. I can live with a much smaller hard drive. So I have contemplated resizing and putting Linux on a 400 gig partition leaving XP on a generous 100 gig partition. My preference right now though is to go ahead and buy another 500 gig drive and put Linux on the second drive just like I have in the 2400. Another option is to split the first drive and put just my home folder on the second. I am on Linux now while typing this. Hey, I am only using 62 gigs of disk space with both XP and Ubuntu Linux combined.

Hmmmm, well I do like having the back up of a second drive so I will probably get a second one.




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