Cleaning out the Ham Shack

Well one friend of mine said that the ebay bug bit me. Maybe it has, but the goal was to clean out the ham shack. I decided that I either really needed to get back into the hobby and do everything that I was doing ten years ago or sell things before they became obsolete and then perhaps buy just what I really needed. The later idea won.

The one exception has been the Ten-Tec 515. I used to have a 509, but sold it before moving to Alaska. While I was glad to have general coverage receive capability when I later purchased a Kenwood TS-140s I missed the QRP aspect. So hopefully my father’s 515 is being repaired at Ten-Tec.

It has been interesting. Just like I have been told people do buy just about anything. Some of the items I sold were not in that great of shape. I suppose that people use those items for parts or modify them to create something else. I am guessing that was just the case for a couple of the two meter mobile radios. I suppose that one could make a rather nice repeater out of them. Either way I have tried to be precise concerning their condition.

Two items did not sell. The PK-232 did not sell. It is complete, but my description was lacking. I think that the people who are wanting them use them mostly for the mailbox? I did not specify that I had added the mailbox. So next time I will. I have a PK-88 that once I put a new battery in it will be sold and it has the mailbox as well.

The Kenwood TS-140s did not sell. I put in the description that it had a flaky RF output control and thus no output. What I did have was a flaky power meter. So I ordered a new one from AES. It arrived a few days ago, but due to work I was not able to try it until just now. The radio works just fine! I just tuned it up and transmitted my call in CW for the first time in ten years on 80 meters. I did have to slow my keyer down a bit. I need to get outside soon and put in a ground system!

So I have a mandolin and a new computer to pay off. After that I may buy a new HF rig. I am looking at Ten-Tec’s Argonaut V. I guess I just like QRP.



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