Getting Ready for Field Day 2010

It is time to start getting ready for Field Day 2010. Even though the tent is not in the best shape I almost feel like I need to use it one more year. This year unless something unexpected happens I will be operating /0 this year. We have been in the process of trying to move so the set up in the back yard as used the last two years is a thing of the past. The tent is already up north. We put down a deposit on an apartment so the current thinking is that I may operate from my work site. I have not had an HF rig turned on around a television transmitter site since the days of analog so I am not sure about how much noise I may hear. I have been told that things are quieter now so that sounds very positive.

In regard to HF rigs there is also something else new. I finally purchased an Icom IC703+ and have a few weeks to learn how to use the new radio. I took a trip to the local ham store to buy a new power supply. Taking into account my two meter SSB rig I plan to buy the Astron 12 amp supply with meters. It is on order one as they did not have one with meters in stock. Until I receive it I can’t practice with the new radio though. I need to buy a battery so that I can operate class 1B. So now I need to go back to all those articles I ignored for the last few years and figure out what size and type will work best for operating and keep rather portable.

By the way, I think that I am going to start participating in VHF/UHF contests as well. Unfortunately I will only have a 5 watt hand held, a Kenwood TH-F6A, another recent purchase, for the upcoming 12 June event. I may still see if I can make some contacts though.


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