November Sweeps and January NAQP

November Sweepstakes has come and gone. I did actually make one CW contact this last time. For the phone contest I made 131 contacts. The map will be posted below.

This last weekend was the January North American QSO Party, NAQP SSB. It is a fun 10 hour contest in a 12 hour period. The object is to contact as many stations in Canada and the US as possible. Stations can be worked on each HF band and each state or province counts as a new multiplier for each new band.

Unfortunately I was called into work after the first two hours of the contest due to high winds and power outages. The connection to the radio equipment was intermittent during that time and the audio cut out more than normal through out the rest of the contest. I was able to work 165 contacts and still had a good time. The map for NAQP is also posted below.

November SS SSB Map

Sections Nov SS SSB 2012and

January NAQP

naqp-Jan13Still hoping for a clean sweep someday.


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