Ubuntu 12.04

Just a short note to file in the Linux category. I have been switching all my Linux Mint computers back to Ubuntu. Ubuntu 12.04 with the Unity desktop seems to work very well so far. On my old eeePC 1000 the latest Mint distribution that would run was Linux Mint 9. So I was surprised to see that the latest from Ubuntu runs well on it.

I did download the free Windows 8 image and we’ll see if it will load on the oldest computer I have. Ubuntu 12.04 does run on it, but it is a tad slow.

Added 30 August 2012: I did finally get Win8 running. Had to buy a new network card for the computer. Can’t say much about it except it is exactly what you expect from Microsoft. I am typing this on my home Ubuntu computer. This machine dual boots to Win7. I use the Win7 side to connect to work and the Kenwood TS-590 at work.


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