Another Hamfest

Technically speaking this was a tail-gate hamfest. We were not sure it was going to happen. Right now it is a pretty sunny day. This morning at six it was raining. It was cool and damp but the rain moved out about a half hour before the scheduled start time.

When I arrived I stood around for a few minutes and then opened up the truck and set things up. I set up the Kenwood and turned it on letting CW play for several cars away. Later I realized it goes a long way with out being all that loud! I had the radio hooked to a forty-meter hamstick on top of the truck. Several things disappeared within the first fifteen minutes. Three hours later I was driving away with very little left. The radio room is silent now as the Kenwood TS-140S has a new home. I think the man who purchased it will enjoy it as much as I have. This morning’s doings have my new computer almost paid off.

I figure that if I really get back going with operating on the HF bands I may actually make my next purchase the Argonaut V (model 516). Ten-Tec is having their 40th anniversary this year. The thought has occurred to me that it might be fun to buy it at their annual tail-gate hamfest. The only problem will be waiting that long as it is at the end of September.




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