Return of the Ten-Tec Argonaut 515

The radio has been returned to me from Sevierville. The box it arrived in reminded me of the day that I unpacked my brand new 509 many years ago. This was no different. The 515 is new to me. I do not remember ever using it before.

I do remember one time when we lived in Kentucky having a family Field Day. I had my 509, Dad the 515 and we had some fun while throwing wire antennas into the trees. Campers in adjacent campsites were staring wondering what in the world we were doing. A few decided on other campsites after driving in and watching for a minute. We did not make a lot of contacts, but we had a good time.

The Argonaut now has feet, lights up and has a rebuilt PTO. One thing that amazed me right away is how many signals I have heard on 40 and 80 meters tonight and their strength or loudness. I had nothing to compare, but perhaps the Kenwood was a little weaker on receive? More likely though this is called "enjoying a new toy".

I had the model 208 CW filter when I owned the 509. So one year for Christmas or birthday I bought the parts, etched the circuit board and built the CW filter and gave it to Dad. It still works just great too.

My dipole is technically only half up. The side going toward the back yard is fine, but the side going toward the front yard is, well the end is sitting on the front porch. We have a little flower garden in the front that would be nice place to grow a twenty foot mast but that has not happened yet. The first time the yard was mowed the children moved it up on the porch to keep it safe.

I did tune it up on 40. There was absolutely no problem getting it to tune. I use the model 247 antenna tuner.

Needless to say I am impressed, all over again. The only real sad part is that they do not still make this radio. I sure am glad that my first radio was an Argonaut.




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